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NEW: Soul Seeker Inner Circle (It’s free!)

You guys, I am so excited to announce my newest online

How I got to 6 figures (Part Two)

“I am in my own right. I am in my own

How I got to 6-figures (The article I swore I would never write)

Some of you will read this and LOVE what I have to

Money is a Godsend (literally!)

Please know, I am very uncomfortable right now. My

Dear Purpose Driven Beings, 

I’ve written this post three times and deleted it

Leap and wings appear

I used to think taking a leap of faith was a myth. You

Love + Money

Love + Money – can they co-exist? I want to

How to win the lottery. A spiritual approach.

Did I just say, ‘…a spiritual

Roots to Fruits – Part Two

I am SO grateful that my last article resonated with

Your Roots ARE Your Fruits

I want to share an incredible story today about a

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

What makes gratitude so great? I think it’s that

You’re kind of a Big deal

I recently re-found this photo from exactly one year

How do you ‘uplevel’ and not fall down?

What does it mean to ‘uplevel’? Yes,

Gut check.

Why hello there. It’s been a little bit since

What does it really mean to ‘play big’?

This month has been full of incredible conversations